My passions are healthy eating, organic gardening, mental health, creative outlet and exercise. I realize that everyone is in a different stage of their journey, so I want this page to be accessible to everyone.

You will find recipes for raw vegan, vegan and sometimes conventional foods if they are amazing!

It’s been a long time goal to go fully raw, so this website will reflect that, but you can make substitutions if you like. Many recipes can be enjoyed by die-hard meat eaters too! I have been vegan multiple times in the past. People become vegan for different reasons, love of animals and feeling they are equal beings, or health aspects. I am a lover of animals and am very aware of things like over fishing. But what is most important to me is getting vitamins and minerals and feeling clean inside and out. And it makes me proud of myself to eat this way.

Good luck and thanks for joining me! I don’t believe there are failures with eating. Going raw is hard for many people and if you slip, move on and try again or wait until the timing is better!

Please visit the store. I make suncatchers with healing crystals and jewelry with crystals as well. I hope you like them.