I love prisms! I love seeing the room filled with rainbows when the sun hits the prisms just right. They make me so happy. So, I decided to make them so I can have them around all the time! Mine are special, with multiple faceted crystal beads that create all different sized rainbows. Right now, I just have short versions available for your car, but longer home suncatchers are going to be available soon. You can also put the short ones in your home! My suncatchers and jewelry are made with healing crystals. I use many crystal beads such as fluorite, rose quartz, hematite, freshwater pearls and hematite in my designs, It’s a honor and a joy to work with them. I also use select Swarovski crystals. Wholesale available.


Freshwater Pearl Elastic Bracelets

These freshwater pearl bracelets are a great way to add a little everyday glamour without being too fancy. Pearls are known to bring inner wisdom, self love and peace as well as to strengthen nerves, the adrenal glands, the spleen and muscle tissue. Specify round, peach, blue or rice shaped pearls


Freshwater Pearl and Garnet Bracelet

This lovely bracelet has freshwater pearls, garnet, bi-cone beads and Czech glass beads.


Citrine Pendant

This is a gorgeous piece of heart shaped itrine. I almost want to keep it for myself! I wire wrapped it and although it looks delicate, it is very sturdy, so there is no movement in the stone.